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I wanna Vegan Sex You Up

I wanna Vegan Sex You Up

Yep, animal cruelty can even worm it's way into your sex life.

Many condom brands are still involved in animal testing and are not cruelty free.

Along with animal testing, the majority of latex condoms contain an ingredient called casein, a milk protein, that may very well mean that curdled milk could be turning your love life sour.

vegan condoms Instead of drawing from the ample list of historically tested ingredients, many brands choose to create new formulas using ingredients that require safety testing (on animals). This is usually so they can use wording such as "pioneering new technology" as part of their marketing campaigns. In the exact same way we see the beauty industry use terms such as "new active ingredient" to make their products sound innovative and exciting, (which in turn normally means somewhere in the world animals are suffering at the hands of the 'new active ingredient'). Since the 2014 EU Ban on animal testing for cosmetics, we won't experience this on EU shelves when it comes to skincare and makeup, however the same big cosmetics brands that also sell internationally are using this technique for other global markets. Unfortunately condoms do not come under the cosmetic umbrella so tests on animals are still being carried out by the brands you buy right here in the UK.


Have no fear, cruelty-free sex is here

We've sourced the perfect protection from Fair Squared - the brand and their rubbers are not only completely cruelty-free, they are 100% vegan - AND made from fair trade latex. So you can have a clear conscious when you do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. >> SHOP FOR VEGAN CONDOMS NOW

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