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We're All Going on a Cruelty-Free Holiday...

We're All Going on a Cruelty-Free Holiday...

vegan holiday

Whether you’re getting prepped, packed and ready to jet-off or you’re gearing up for a great British break, here’s our top travel companions with a few of our own travel tips for you to keep under your sun-hat.  

Leave It Out        

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off - Coco Chanel 
We all know travelling light is a luxury that few of us seem to manage so when it comes to packing take heed of Coco’s advice and get ruthless! A successful pack is all about items that multi-task. Choose wisely and only opt for those essentials that you know will make or break your holiday happiness.

natural and organic skincareBefore zipping that suitcase shut ask yourself if you really need those running shoes; will that sunrise run through cobbled Mediterranean streets really happen after last night's Pina Coladas? Do you need 5 pairs of shorts (can you roll-up a pair for a different look)? At the same time pack appropriately. Don’t go thinking you can hike a mountain wearing flip-flops that came free with a magazine at duty-free. And remember the more space you leave with, the more you can fill it with holiday trinkets – or local wine.

To make things easier, organise your holiday inventory into piles, t-shirts in one, shorts in another, trousers, underwear, accessories etc. This makes it much easier to see areas where you’ve gone overboard and others that might still be lacking. Once you think you’ve nailed it, remove at least one item from each pile.

Now you’ve got your clothes situation sorted, it’s time to make sure you give your beauty routine a holiday treat too. 

Make SPF your BFF

It goes without saying the most important arsenal to your travel kit is lashings of SPF. UV rays are a force to be reckoned with and protection is key. Organii have just released their sun care range and it's incredible. Carefully formulated with natural and organic ingredients, it effortlessly glides onto your skin providing nourishing protection. With no white residue, gone are the days of thick slop that left you feeling like a cricketer’s zincy schnozzle. (£12.90 - £19.90) cruelty free suncream

Calm The Balm Down

vegan skincare

Skin & Tonic London have cracked-it with this mini sized multi-tasker. Calm Balm is a holiday must-have to keep with you at all times. Bring moisture and nourishment to dry or cracked skin. The glorious scent of lavender is a great sleep aid when you need extra help winding down or place on your temples and wrists to allow the soothing and healing properties help settle and ground you in potentially stressful situations.

After a long trip massage your muscles to help loosen tension and relax. We’ve even used it to help calm and heal insect bites, it’s such a multifunctional little pot of joy that we won’t ever leave the house without it. (£10)

Butter Up

vegan body lotion

Whilst away if there’s one thing your skin will thank you for it’s a good slathering of body butter. Apply of an evening to restore moisture and for an extra hydration boost, apply before bed for maximum absorption overnight. Not only will you keep skin soft and plump, it will help prolong your tan. To double up and help you sleep, we love The organic lavender in PHB’s Soothing Body Butter(£16.95) will send you into the sweetest slumber, so you are rested and ready to conquer the world the following day.

 If weight restrictions are weighing you down then Carishea Whipped Butters (£8) are the perfect solution, super-lightweight but certainly not shy in the moisture department, they will keep your skin soft, supple and happy.


cruelty free skincare

Pit Perfect

natural deodorantYou want the most out of your holiday, which can sometimes mean long days and nights. Keep yourself clean, fresh and natural with The Natural Deodorant Co.’s Active Balm.

If you’re hitting the heat or an action packed adventure, then this hard working deodorant formula will ensure your pits are pristine.

The mini pot is the perfect travel size and comes in 3 fresh and subtle fragrances: Orange & Bergamot, Coriander & Lime, Lemon & Geranium (£5)

Travel Bites

travel tipsIf you're off site-seeing for the day and don't want to lug your hefty travel guidebook around, take photos of the pages that will be relevant to you. That way you can zoom right in on the info you need with no extra weight.

vegan holidaySometimes we can't resist a freebie, so if you really want that complimentary shower cap (or you already have a stolen stash) but don't quite know what to do with them, they are perfect to keep your shoes ship-shape in your case.


Enviable Holiday Hair

cruelty free dry shampooIf the thought of dealing with holiday hair sends shivers down your spine - do not fear - we've got a selection of fantastic products to tame even the wildest of tresses. Dry Shampoo is a nightmare-hair lifesaver; a refresh between washes, a styling aid and a volume injection. cruelty free hair productions

Let luxury grace your hair with Tabitha James Kraan’s new and award winning Compact Dry Shampoo (£19). Packed full of organic botanicals and bursting with an indulgent and heavenly scent it’s the holy grail of cruelty free dry shampoos.

Tabitha has also nailed-it with her Organic Hair Oil (£39), nurse frazzled, stressed or an unmanageable mane with this beautifully scented, nutrient-rich hair oil that will restore, protect and polish your locks.

Intelligent Nutrients have launched a compact travel range allowing fantastic holiday hair to be a breeze. From nourishing Leave-In Conditioner and glamorous Hair Shine spray to the styling gels, sprays and serums, you can go poker straight, rock hard or roll with the waves.

cruelty free hair products

Teeth On Tour

This Radius Tour Toothbrush is not only brimming with eco-credentials, it also flips down to a dinky compact size perfect for smashing gnashers whilst on the go. (£8.99)

vegan toothpaste

Lip Lock-Down

UV rays have a free pass when it comes to hitting your lips. The skin on our mouth produces no melanin which means our lips are much more susceptible to sun damage. Excessive sun exposure to your lips can not only cause major health risks it can effect collagen production, allowing lines, wrinkles and those dreaded signs of early ageing to creep up quickly. vegan lip balm

Don’t let your lips be caught short on your travels, here are 2 small lightweight and luxurious vegan lip balms to keep your pecker in check. Protection is vital so whilst those sun beams are shining glide on Hurraw! SP15 Sun Protection Balm.

All Hurraw! balms are organic and formulated from cold pressed oils and butters to make sure lips are super soft and hydrated. Give your lips an extra bedtime treat with this Night Treatment an extra thick and creamy balm to restore and nourish overnight. (4.99 each)   

Holiday Scrub Down

organic body scrubWhilst away keep skin fresh, bright and rejuvenated with a gentle exfoliating scrub. If you’re aiming for a tan then you might think exfoliating is counterproductive, but it’s quite the contrary, gently removing dead skin cells will ensure that your tan remains even. Don’t do overboard, just give your body a gentle polish every 2-3 days.

Whisk yourself away to the Caribbean Odylique’s Coconut Candy Scrub, enriched with coconut oil and cocoa bean butters it’s deeply nourishing and smells heavenly like a coconut chocolate bar – delicious! (£25)

Plug In Baby

cruelty free travelCameras, phones, e-readers, wireless speakers and tablets can all make our holidays and the journey there an even more enjoyable experience but they all need to be recharged or plugged it at some point, and if you've got a dead phone battery, hair to straighten and a camera to charge that lonely plug socket in your hotel room is not going to cut the mustard.

Take the power back by packing a UK gang extension lead ('gang' refers to how many sockets it provides, the picture shows a 4 gang extension lead). The extra bonus is you only have to take one travel adapter to use as your extension provides UK plug sockets


Good Oils For The Bad Oils

cruelty free cleansing meltTravelling is wonderful for the soul but it can sure suck the moisture from your skin, stay soft and nourished with an oil based cleanser. Not only will it melt the day’s dirt away, it will remove grease and bad oils without stripping away your skin’s natural oils.

Allow dirt and grime to dissolve and clean up your act with the choice of these three awesome cleansers.

Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil £21. Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt £18. Botanicals Cleansing Melt Rose & Camellia £20.

Dry Clean Only

natural hand sanitiserFor many of us, hand sanitiser is a handbag and holiday essential. There’s nothing worse than being caught-short with hands that feel grubby and potentially carrying nasty bacterias. But there’s also nothing worse than stripping and disturbing your skins natural balance.

Killing 99.99% of germs, and infused with peppermint and vanilla essential oils Intelligent Nutrients Organic Sanitizer is one to keep at hand. (£8)


Misty Waters

organic face mist

Airplanes and air-con are moisture zapping monsters, keep skin topped up with a hydrating mist and lock in moisture. These beautiful floral sprays can also double up as a toner and a skin refresh and moisture booster throughout the day.

If travelling is a nail-biting, stress-bucket experience for you, then ABFE Love System have a Calm & Clear Organic Essence Mist (£14.95), specially formulated to spritz away your worries and fears. You can spray a mist over your skin or your personal space, then take a deep breath and relax.

For floral simplicity, Skin & Tonic’s Rose Mist (£20), will transport you to the French Alps where the Organic Roses are harvested and distilled. 

Stash Your Cash

vegan travelWhen away never keep all your cash and cards in one place. In case of an emergency situation, it's a really good idea to have a small stash of cash separate and hidden from the rest of your valuables and even more savvy to keep it in a place that thieves will likely overlook.

One of our favourite hiding places is within a sanitary towel wrapper. Not only is it small, lightweight and likely avoided by mooching theives, it is also the perfect size to stow away a credit card along with some cash. 

Makeup Picks to Pack

Here’s our sensational 6 to keep you feeling and looking gorgeous wherever in the world you are.

natural vegan mascaraPHB’s Award winning All In One Natural Mascara: a few of licks from this wand and your lashes gain water-resistant length, strength and volume. (£15.95)

A flick of eyeliner will transform day into night, we love the staying power of ZAO Liquid Liner, use the wand to create thick or thin lines. It comes in a range of banging colours and once dry, it ain’t budging! (£16.95)

natural liquid eyeliner



natural vegan lipstickPucker up and give lips a pop of colour with Lippy Girl’s Vegan Lipsticks. Super nourishing and in a range of stunning shades, they’ll whisk you from day to night in a swipe. (£12.50)

Keep your complexion looking bright and flawless with this mini makeup duo. Reduce shine and bring radiance to your face with Travel-Size Barefaced Beauty Mineral Finishing Powder (£4.95). Apply effortlessly with their Baby Buki Brush (£8). Both are perfectly dinky to have on you at all times for when your skin needs a little pick-me-up.
natural vegan makeup


The Zao Multi-Touch Eye Shadow does exactly as it suggests, select from 5 charming shades that are so much more than just an eye shadow. Use the pigments as blush, lipstick and colour corrector, this multi-functional shadow has got it covered. (£13.95)

vegan makeup

vegan face shimmerLook fresh, vibrant and sun-kissed with the new Nourish Illuminating Face Shimmer.An organic skin highlighter, it will add a shot of radiance to your complexion. The light emitting tonka bean extract will leave your skin looking even toned, lustrous and glowing. (£16)

For even more travel essentials click here. And remember when you look and feel fabulous make sure you capture it – don’t forget your camera!

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