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We want making the switch to natural and cruelty free to be a beautiful discovery, that’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you and scoured the globe for the very best in luxury vegan beauty, 100% free from animal testing. We carefully handpick and test only the finest products from companies that you can rest assured are just as serious as us when it comes to being cruelty free.

And the cherry on the cake: It’s all vegan

Making the transition to natural and cruelty-free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favourite products for lack-lustre substitutions. Let the process become an upgrade, a beauty reformation of innovative and exciting products that can certainly hold their own against cult beauty classics.

We pride ourselves on our strict criteria for the products we stock and the companies we work with.

Cruelty Free is Key

More information on our cruelty-free criteria can be found at the bottom of this page

Every single product is 100% vegan.

That means no animal or insect derived ingredients whatsoever. No Beeswax, propolis, honey, silk, carmine, lanolin, lactose, or animal derived collagen. Zero, Zilch Nada! 

Please note, some of the companies we work with are not fully vegan just yet and may use ingredients such as beeswax in some products that we do not stock. At Vanity Bites we will only handpick vegan products from their range.

Pure, Natural, Awesome Beauty

We like to keep things clean and simple and we love organic ingredients. We check through each and every list of ingredients to make sure that no suspect or potentially harmful formulas slip through the net.

Of course ingredients such as parabens, SLS, phthalates and mineral oils we won’t touch with a barge-pole, but we also look out for chemicals just as potentially noxious that may be used in their place. If a label states ‘Paraben Free’ then what is being used as a preservative? Is this company genuinely looking out for your health, or are they latching onto marketing buzz-words to reel you in?

Thankfully each and every one of our brands takes both your health and their impact on the environment very serious. 

Vanity With Values

As a cruelty-free company it’s important to us that our money, (and yours), doesn’t end up contributing to the exact cause we are fighting against, for example:

We are extremely thorough when choosing the brands we work with and we don’t just take their word for it; we look into their ethics, company structure, affiliations and investors. We’ve had some major disappointments along the way from companies who's policies and ethics we thought were rock solid, but we’ve also discovered some incredible independents making outstanding products and doing amazing things. It’s gems like these that we are excited to support and share with you.

It’s early days for us and we have big and beautiful plans for the future. 10% of our profits will be given to carefully selected projects - a percentage which will increase as we grow. We’re a collaborative bunch and we’re delighted to have you join us.

Our criteria applies not only to the brands we work with but also their parent companies and/or subsidiaries. We don't want to fund animal testing in any way, shape or form.

Along with no animal testing at any stage of product development, (this includes raw ingredients right through to the finished product), we also adhere to the following:


We do not stock any brands that use animal hair in any of their products, (including cosmetic, body and shaving brushes and false eyelashes). We are thoroughly committed to not funding the harm or distress of any animal and we cannot be certain of welfare of the animals and conditions they are kept in, even those deemed ‘cruelty free’.

Many makeup brushes are made using real animal hair, some companies proudly advertise this whereas others choose to not reference the materials used at all. Most animal hair is collected as a by-product of the meat or fur industry. Makeup brushes use a number of animal hairs including mink, squirrel, pony, horse, sable, goat, badger and rabbit. Mink hair, usually from the fur trade is also commonly used for false eyelashes. Badger bristles which are widely used for men’s shaving brushes are most likely to be from China where they are a by-product of the meat industry. Hog, boar and goat hair is often used for body or face brushes.

The most common cruelty-free claim, (especially in regards to goat hair), is that it is ethically collected through brushing or shaving the animals, therefore no cruelty is involved. It all sounds gentle and harmless, but what about the condition that these animals are kept in and their welfare whilst in captivity? The demands from the makeup industry are high, some workers are paid on volume and many of these farms are based in countries where animal welfare regulations are practically non-existent.

Of course all the brushes and lashes sold at Vanity Bites are synthetic but we decided at the very beginning that we don’t feel comfortable working with companies who still use animal hair for any of their products. Technology massively evolved and can now provide the softest of bristles that can mimic textures of animal hair, not to mention they are far more durable and hygienic.

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